On the Road again

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Travelling salesman

I’m soon to be on the road again. I feel like a traveling salesman, and to think at one point I aspired to a role like that. Now, maybe not so much.

I have been approached recently too, to see if I’d be interested in taking on a sales position since I’ve retired.  It would mean travel probably 2 or 3 days a week, living in hotels and eating restaurant food.  Boozing and schmoozing customers would be the norm, it would most likely tax my adapting skills to the max, and I’d probably be back into the stress mode.

I’ll really have to think long and hard on it, giving up what I have now would be tough.  I’m really getting into the spirit of this retirement thing.  I look forward to the next day with enthusiasm and while I still struggle somewhat with being overwhelmed on occasion I am finding ways to adapt and manage the challenges.  When asked how I’m doing in retirement I often reply “Doing great now, but the first pension cheque hasn’t come in yet”.

I do have some concerns with the amount of my pension but it is water under the bridge, or perhaps the wake behind the boat.  There’s nothing really I can do about in now, tis what tis.  We just have to learn how to live on less.  Thousand, heck billions, have to do it everyday so little ole me shouldn’t have too much trouble, should I?

The carpet cleaning demo and sales pitch that was scheduled for this morning has now cancelled due to car trouble, and the roofers will probably not be back due to rain, so my morning schedule has opened up.  Not to worry, my list is long of potential tasks and I’m sure I’ll find something to do.  There’s always laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, any number of house-husband chores.  Never mind the relax type tasks, reading, crosswords, blogging (now there’s a thought).  I won’t be bored, I promise.

Tomorrow a 4 hour drive will take me to see the kids, do a little shopping perhaps and then on Saturday leaving to see my brother. It will be a celebration of his, and his wife’s, 50th birthdays.  Good on them.  I do and don’t look forward to it.  I do because I want to celebrate with them, to see them again.  The last time we got together was for our Dads funeral (technically my step-dad) so this occasion will be much more celebratory.  We can talk of happier times.  I don’t because it means another drive, time away from my home, my castle, my peaceful place.  It means I’m on the road again.

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