Life with the Fam(ily)

Photo 2012-06-07 9 23 01 AMMeet my grandson Madden.  Had I ever thought I could feel the way I do about a little human being I would have had grandchildren sooner, a lot sooner.  He was 3 months old on June 10th and he has the personality of my daughter.  He is one of my fam(ily).

Since he was born we’ve made about half a dozen trips to see him and his family, my daughter and son-in-law.  It’s about a 4 hour jaunt, well worth it when you consider the payback, his smiles or the way he gazes into your eyes.  He is my ‘lil buddy, I am his poppa.  Just looking at his picture while I type this puts a warm feeling in my heart.

I will be leaving to see him/them again in a couple days.  It will be during a stop-over on my way to Vancouver to celebrate my brothers 50th birthday.  It seems I’ve done nothing but travel lately and where a few years ago I would have relished the ability to travel more it has now become somewhat tedious and repetitive.  This is not the visiting him part that’s tedious, only the time spent in the car.  He’s a joy, the other not so much.  I don’t mind spending time with myself, I usually quite enjoy it.  I’m good company if I say so myself, but anything done too much can become, well, too much.  Imagine eating your favourite dessert every day for every meal.  Probably wouldn’t be your favourite for long would it.

So I will love him and leave him, keeping his memory in my heart and mind.  He is my ‘lil buddy, they are my fam(ily)

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