Mothers Day, Bah Humbug!


Hello, I bet you thought this was going to be a rant about Mothers Day, didn’t you?  Au contraire.  Well, it may be a little but not the way you might think, more in the sense that I’m annoyed with the commercialization of so many of our celebratory days, including Mothers Day.

Mother’s Day, like other holidays, is meant to celebrate and show appreciation for a person or event, but somehow it seems to have come to be a cash grab for greeting card or gift suppliers.  That just grates on me.  I’m all for showing love and appreciation, and that may include a gift, however when you see a significant price increase on flowers or other forms of appreciation on or around the date of the holiday that smacks of “all wrong”.

400daystil40 puts it eloquently in her post “Giving Insanity” where she talks of gift giving for children and others. Somehow the whole idea of gift giving has gone sideways, what should be a thoughtful exchange has become something else.  Can we go back, please?

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