Coming out of the Closet , Is it Time?

Open book

I’ve been posting for about a year now and I wonder…Is it time to come out of the closet, to be an open book?  Before you jump to conclusions I should elaborate.

This morning before writing in my journal, after checking emails and having breakfast etc., etc., I watched one of the Ted Talks called Mena Trott on Blogs, where she discusses her perspective on blogging.  In her presentation she comments particularly on how blogging is a means for those who want to know you to learn about who you are, not only biographically but what kind of person you are and how you think.  This made me think, will those I know and love ever know that about me?

In starting this blog I had a somewhat fuzzy notion that writing, which was something I always had a hankering to do, could help me in my challenges with depression.  It would do this by enabling me to freely talk about any issues that I felt compelled to discuss, to open up where I previously felt I could not, and perhaps in some small way give something to anyone that may read my posts.  Now I’ve mentioned this thought before but it’s becoming more prevalent in my mind. Whether it has something to do with a possible sense of mortality on my part, or perhaps because I am actually thinking more now (read that as pondering or conceptualizing), who can say.  Incidentally do find my mind is more active and “alert” now, I’m thinking it’s due in part to retiring, more writing, and generally a more healthy lifestyle physically and psychologically, but that’s another story.

I believe I’ve pretty much made up my mind, I will have to go back and read all my posts from the beginning and ensure there isn’t anything that may cause stress to someone I love.  The reading will have it’s own benefits in that it will reinforce the improvements I’ve made in mood and general well-being, and give me a boost.  As far as any “not for prime time” posts, I’ll either edit or just make them private, likely the latter.  I did write them after all in a certain state of mind, and for my own future information that state of mind will be important.  Anyone reading without administrator rights won’t know there’s a post missing anyway, unless I tell them.  I may or may not modify my “About” page as well, it doesn’t fit with my potential philosophy and I feel change is required.  I have changed the blog theme recently and it still doesn’t feel like the right one, likely more changes there too.  I am certainly NOT going to link on Facebook or other such nonsense, that’s too much information.

So please, feedback will be appreciated.  Am I on the right track?  Should I share with family and close friends?  Should I share myself and come out of the closet?

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