I’m Grateful, that I’m Grateful

Although the title suggests a certain redundant thinking it actually captures exactly what I am thinking, I am Grateful….that I can be grateful.

Writing my morning pages this morning I finished by jotting down the things in my life I am grateful for.  I do this frequently and where the items on the list are often the same  it doesn’t minimize their value or importance to me.  Things like “I’m grateful for my family, who love and support me”, or “I’m grateful for the affluence of my life, we have so much when others have so little”.  Acknowledging this gratitude is integral to appreciating it, we take so much for granted in our lives that to think of the good things we have and to be aware of and appreciate them is to ensure they will remain.  Perhaps Karma has a factor, perhaps it’s God or whatever spiritual power you believe in, perhaps it’s only a mind game, but whatever the reason gratitude is a force that has affects our lives.

Working through my moods, my ups and downs, is a frequent challenge.  When I’m “up” life is good, nothing is bad and my glasses are rose colored.  If I’m “down” then all I can see around me are the things in life that could be better.  I’m seldom in such a poor state where everything is bad or I think my life sucks the big one but my energy is depleted and the things around me I should be enjoying are somehow greyed out, out of focus and difficult to see.

Call it depression, tag it with whatever label works best, but this cycle of moods can be debilitating and my heart goes out to those who suffer strongly from it.  I am not so adversely affected but suffer at times I do, and my thinking about the good things in my life brings hope and light to my being.  Being grateful recharges me, being grateful that I have the ability to be grateful inspires me.  There is hope.

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