Blogging Adventures

I never appreciated how complicated, yet so simple, something like a blog can be.  I’m sure the designers have an appreciation for the complexity etc. and I figured I’d have it figured out in a snap, but such is not the case.

In an effort to improve the looks of my blog I felt some changes were needed.  Perhaps a theme change, some posts re-organization, and category creation would be beneficial. I’ll rewrite my “About” page and just generally update things. To streamline the process and minimize any collateral damage I thought that creating a second blog and making changes to it would be the key.  That way I should be able to learn the various processes of making any changes, see them in action, and hopefully not destroy or delete any original posts that have collected over the past year or so.  For the most part that was how it went down.

After creating the second blog in the theme I desired I felt I needed a good selection of posts/categories/pages etc to play with.  To generate this quickly (it’s all about fast don’t you know) a wholesale importing of another blog would be required. It seemed like this blog would be a perfect candidate as it was the one I wanted to change anyway, so I read through the various WordPress instructions on “Importing blogs”, followed the steps, and badda bing badda boom we were off to the races.

Before I go any further I have to say the documentation I found was excellent, if anything went wrong it’s only because I failed to read about it, or I did read the info but was to arrogant to actually “read” it and just skimmed over the highlights.  That is certainly one of my character flaws.

So the “test” blog now has the new theme, has all my copied posts/comments etc., and I’ve played with the categories and created new menu items.  Did you know you could convert a tag into a category and visa versa?  Too cool.  Made organization a breeze and made it easier to find posts on certain topics.  To whoever invented that my hat goes off to you.

I think I’m pretty much done with my testing now and ready to go whole hog on the original blog.  Unfortunately I’ve realized after the fact that in the original set up of this blog I renamed some pages, such as the Home page, and it has created some potential wrinkles.  Before I go much further I will have to see if I can undo my change and try to get back more to the original structure.  Not a biggy but when I made the original change I didn’t appreciate any potential implications, specifically the blog opens up to “About Me” instead of the primary posts page.

At any rate I’ll do a bit more concerted studying and then make my changes.  I hope I don’t lose anyone in the process.  Hang in there.

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