Subversive Writing

For some time now I’ve been maintaining a daily journal, mostly of just this’n that with no real topics or orientation.  I’ve done it for a couple reasons, originally because my therapist suggested I do it to keep a record of how I feel on any given day and can then see improvement or changes over time.  The second reason came about later after reading a book about writing, and how it’s important to write regularly in order to keep the juices flowing (my words).

So while the act of writing is both therapeutic and motivational it can sometimes feel subversive, particularly if I’m doing it with others in the room.  Why the hell is that?  It seems to occur mostly when doing my morning journal, like somehow whatever I’m writing is wrong or perhaps speaking against whoever is in the room.  Too weird.  I suspect it is just an indication of a personal hang up, and one that I’ll beat down, you can count on that.  I am getting better at writing at any time, and will continue to journal regardless of location.  The only subversion that’s taking place is if I stop.

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