Dollars and Scents

In my ongoing efforts to get better, both emotionally and physically, I’ve taken to walking more.  I’ve also purchased a mountain bike, but that may be another story.

So on my walks I’ve tried to keep my eyes open for various unique objects or situations, something that is of interest to me and may be to someone else as well.  I don’t really want it to interrupt my walk to stop and snap but hey, if the opportunity presents itself then take advantage of it.  Because I don’t carry a camera, other than my iPhone, I’ve come to the conclusion that any photos should be taken with it.  It has the upside of then being somewhat unique as well.  Now the iPhone camera is not too bad, I have the 4S so the camera is an 8 mpixel and it does a decent job.  In addition there are a bunch apps out there for editing, and many are free.  I chose to buy one of the more popular ones and have used it to “tweak” some of the photos into a more distinctive form (I think). Some of them come out quite cool actually.

The photo attached is taken of a Silver Dollar bush, probably also known under other names as well, and using the iPhone app was easily manipulated to achieve the desired results.  Easy peasy.  I won’t go into detail here other than to say it went pretty slick, I’m sure using Google to search similar tasks will garner lots of results.

The added benefit of the walk is also the exercise of course, which I’m sure has helped my mood generally and is just plain good for you.  I plan to do more walking, and ride my new bike as the weather improves.  I enjoy being out, seeing the sights and experiencing the fresh air and fragrances as Spring develops.  Maybe there will be more Dollars and Scents in my future.

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