Was I really in school?

I can’t remember much about school, many people can, why not me?  Any memories I do have aren’t so bad that I want to block them out, they just really aren’t much to brag about, you know?  I appreciate that it was the 70’s and the “can’t remember” mantra was prevalent for that era but my goodness I should remember more, something of note.  And it’s not only about school, my early childhood years are as much a mystery and lost in the fog of time.

When I think about it that particular phenomena isn’t unique to an earlier time in my life, it’s plaguing me now.  I’ve always attributed it to just not paying attention, not finding any real interest in the event so I saw no purpose in filing it away in my data bank.  I’m kinda of ignorant that way, if I don’t find something or someone of interest to me I’ll largely ignore it or pretend to pay attention and then just discard the event like it never happened.  It’s come around to bite me many times too, as I’m sure you can imagine.  Like when Aunt Bessie tells you about her trip to the foot doctor and then later asks you opinion of the diagnosis.  I mean really, like I care?.

I am trying to improve on that, I appreciate that in order to bond with others you have to play nice, and it that means remembering inconsequential sh** then so be it.  I’ll do my part.  In the meantime the past is gone, all I can do is to try and improve in the future.  Maybe I’ll have to do school again, and do it right this time.

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