Too much Input, Keep your Momentum

Today was going to be an errands day, a day to catch up on some those tasks that had somehow found themselves on the back burner. I created my list and began my journey just before 11.

After accomplishing a few of my tasks, one of which was taking my car in for service, I walked book in hand to Tim Horton’s for soup and a sandwich.  There I would wait for for my car and try to have some downtime, read my book and perhaps catch up on some of the blogging I was getting seriously behind on.

I collected my lunch and sat, trying to read, but the noise, the din is pulling away my focus. A mother was singing to her baby at the table adjacent to me, and an old couple was talking loudly beside me, trying to make themselves heard.  There was other general noise and compounding that was the incessant clatter of dishes being collected by the staff.

Momentum, keep your momentum, was the current topic in the book at hand.  Once you start writing, it said, you need to keep it up or you chance losing your speed,  Once you lose that momentum it may be hard to get back.  I can certainly agree with that, I’ve experienced it firsthand, and in fact am continuing to experience it as I sit here.  The noise, this current busy and noise ridden environment is handicapping my ability to think, to focus on the particular tasks at hand.

While the thought was good, to read at lunch, my choice of time and location was not.  Hopefully lesson learned and my next attempt will be more successful.

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