Ever thought you could fly?

Have you ever dreamed you could fly?  I have many times, although not for many years.  I have very distinct memories of flight during my dreams, climbing to the top of a tree or other high place, stepping off and soaring away, flying high over tree tops and observing the terrain from above.  How I knew what it looked like from up there I don’t know.  I also have some memory of not taking flight, but instead free falling to the ground where I landed as if on a pillow, no pain, no hurt, just get up and do it again.

I was a pre-teen, maybe only 6 or 7, and it’s funny because I have very few other memories of my childhood, good or bad.  What does that say?  I actually became very proficient at dreaming and flight, scheduling the occurence of my flights almost at will, and a number of times I could go back the next night and continue my dream journey where i left off.

I can remember some of those things but have forgotten so many others in my past.  Who knows where that time has gone?  Will I ever find it again?  My Mom asks me if I remember seeing or doing certain things and I have little or no recollection, What will I remember in my old age.  Will I remember how I flew, and can I fly again?


  1. Tri

    You know Skidaddy I believe that when we do get to that point in age when we can remember things as though it just happened to those things that we choose to forget. I like daydreaming of the good things in my life so that I feel like it just happened, seems a little juvenile I know but when I do remember it puts a smile on my face. I don’t have any children and can’t bear any but I don’t like that to be a reason for sadness so I remember when my husband and I bought our doggies and how now 10 years later we’ve seen how they aged from their color. I think it’s great you can remember flying. Keep your memory alive.

  2. Tri

    That’s a very healthy attitude, hang in there friend. Pray that God will continue to guide you through your journey and bring blessings to you in your daily walk in life. Take care and look forward to your next blog.

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