Stuck in a rut, the Challenges continue

I’m stuck in a rut, and I can’t seem to get out.  My challenge at this point is what to write.  Like so many others have expressed over time I too seem to be suffering from writers block.  What is going on??

I do have the odd moment where some concept comes to mind, something that might seem to be a “good idea” but I either forget it when the blogging time comes or I just brush it off and say “I just don’t feel like it”.  This is so indicative of my history that it pains me,  I feel a bit angry at myself, disappointed, and perhaps a few other emotions to boot.

During the last visit with my counselor we talked a bit about this trait, and where she feels it’s best not to stress about it I feel somewhat different.  In my mind I’ve suffered a bit of a set back, I’ve reverted to some of my old ways, I’ve regressed.  Do you notice the negative thread here?  Therein lies part of the problem I think, some of the negativity is returning.  Is my depression coming back, or whatever the correct terminology is?  I’m wondering if an increase in my meds is warranted, or is it all in my mind, figuratively speaking of course.  She counsels me to wait a bit and if I see no improvement in a couple months or so then see my doctor.  I just want to feel like doing this, getting back to writing my stuff, getting out of this rut.


  1. taureanw

    Keep your head up. It’s always difficult for me to get back into writing when I’ve fallen into one of these “ruts”. Sometimes taking a bit of a break can be a good thing!

    1. SkiDaddy

      Hey thanks for the comment. A agree a break can be a good thing, this hiatus one just seems to be dragging on and that in itself is demotivating. I try not to let it bother me but unfortunately it does. I will forge through this period and expect to come out the other side an improved person.
      Take care,

  2. Tri

    SkiDaddy, I feel like you understand me and I pray that the enemy will no longer hold us in bondage to his lies of feeling unworthy of the LOVE God has given us and that is the unity with His son Jesus. I know what you mean about writing, I love it and the last few weeks I have not wanted to write and it is my passion but I’m glad you didn’t do what I do and that’s not to write. Thanks for your post SkiDaddy. Blessings to you my friend.

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