Wanna hear some Good Advice?

I can’t say that I thought this up, well on second thought I guess I could say it but it wouldn’t be true.  I’m not even really sure who said it, and it’s likely a very loose paraphrasing.

“Be true and fair to yourself, say nothing to yourself you wouldn’t say to a respected friend.”

That’s some good advice .  Basically ditch the negative self talk, don’t allow your inside voice to beat you up.

I know this is something I need to work on.

That’s it, short and sweet.  Have a great day!


  1. Tri

    That is very good advice skidaddy. Sometimes I am guilty of the negative talk and my blog may sometimes come across as negative but I’m learning and I’m getting there slowly but surely. Blessings

  2. skidaddy

    I think we all intuitively know the right way to be, the best way to live, but somehow we get lost in life. Faith is a hugely important power for those who have it, keep yours.

  3. heartlightdg

    This was a long hard road for me to get to the point where I don’t beat myself up for stuff anymore. Here is a variation on that advice….”If you wouldn’t say it to your best friend’s 4 year old, don’t say it to yourself.”

    We have the most important opinion and influence on our own being since we live in that body and in that life. It’s imperative to treat ourselves well or no one else will and we certainly won’t be healthy!

    For me, the following guidelines really hit home when I first read them and make it simple to be good to myself and others.

    Before speaking or continuing a negative train of thought, ask yourself:

    Is it kind?
    Is it true?
    Is it useful?

    If it fails any of those criteria….don’t say it or think it! (Say cancel if you slip.) Works for me!


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