An AHa moment, I think…

I’m further along now in “The Gifted Adult”, currently reading about how we need to acknowledge our gifts.  It’s so interesting to me that denying abilities and other characteristics is a common trait amongst the gifted, that it’s somehow abnormal, or that we are anomalies of some kind, and not in a good way.

And that leads to the fact that I may acknowledge being gifted here in this venue but am not likely to say it too loud outside this “room”.

I also think it’s too early  to apply whatever talents I may have in one direction ie the organization I work in, or at least in what I’m currently doing within that company. And sad to say I don’t trust anyone enough here to talk to them about it.  As I read more on this topic that perspective becomes more reinforced, I’m still a newbie at performing in this role, a novice, a greenhorn or rookie.

Perhaps after I have a better idea of who I am and what I can/should do will I bust forth.  Patience my son, Patience.

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