Can you keep a secret?

Now that I’ve been doing this blog “thing” for a while I’ve written down a bit of history, not as much of a chronological timeline per se, although that’s there too, but moreso a window of time into my life.  You might even say a view of my soul, or my inner workings, a little of how my mind works, and how and what I think about.  It’s not ALL there mind you, give me a break, I’m saving a little bit for later, kind of like saving the punch line of a joke for last.  Or at least that”s what I hope for. Hmmm, maybe the joke analogy isn’t the best example, I hope my life is not a joke, but I think you get the point.

So that being said shouldn’t I want to share with those I think may be interested in the “joke”? I do, but…. I don’t. At what point do I share my blog with those that are closest to me? I’ve told some that I have a blog, I’ve told some the substance of the blog, and I’ve even mentioned to Gloria what the blog subject is, I’ve not yet told anyone the complete name nor the actual blog address. Why, what’s wrong with it and why can’t I?

It’s not a secret, just a sensitive subject, and where people I care deeply about are mentioned. And when mentioned it’s not necessarily in the best light. I’ve been as truthful as I could, certainly I could have shared more and been more blunt, I think I’ve been fair. Why don’t I want to share?? Can you help me, perhaps some insights on how to bridge this gap?


  1. heartlightdg

    Hi Skidaddy,
    I jumped over here for a moment having seen that you “liked” a post of mine earlier. I am on my lunch 1/2 hour so no time to really read anything but what I have skimmed, I like. You run along the same vein as I do though I am probably more open than you right now lol.
    Anyhow, I have not shared my blog with my husband, nor son. They totally would take offense though none is meant. So I save them the angst. My daughter knows and thinks like I do but is way too busy right now so she doesn’t read it and that’s fine. Some of my friends who think along the same lines as I do read it, but I don’t share my blog with those who wouldn’t get it or would be offended at what I write. They just don’t get the nonjudgemental, acceptance, allowing, do your own thing and I’ll do mine, what you do/think doesn’t have anything to do with me beliefs and are definitely not ready to embrace my way. And that’s ok. I don’t push either. If someone is interested, I give them the addy. You can just tell who is open and ready to hear what you write. Otherwise leave it. We write for ourselves mostly anyhow. It’s a way to learn and grow and process life.
    We don’t need to hear how our words upset someone else when they take things the wrong way. We are just working through things in the best way we know how. It’s ok for us to do so as long as we are not maliciously trying to hurt someone.
    Enjoy the process.
    Thanks for visiting me! I’ll be back when I have more time.

    1. skidaddy

      Hey, great to hear from you, I look forward to future contact. I agree with your assessment, we do (or should) write for ourselves, although in saying that if someone can take something away that is positive and beneficial that’s great. That is in part my goal.
      Take care,

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