Happy Birthday Shawn

All is done and we’ve survived another one, at least I have to this point anyway.  Mo is still cooking though and likely won’t be done until later tonight.  She upholds her Grandma’s commandments, all 37 or more of them, this one being that no turkey shall be cooked without the bones being boiled for soup.  She steadfastly soldiers through the day completing this task, not saying “done” or “I give” until the last container has been filled and there’s no leftovers left over.  She is a trooper for sure.

We both made it through yesterday without any emotional upset, and although I wouldn’t have been surprised to have shown, or seen, some I’m glad it didn’t come.  The reason?  Oct. 9th was our son Shawn’s birthday and he would have been 29 had he still been with us.  Sadly he left us suddenly over 10 years ago and although we think of him almost daily his passing was not more painful to recall yesterday than on other days. It’s always sad no matter what, Thanksgiving or not.

Dad stayed over last night instead of going back to the home, he was happy to do that and I think enjoyed his time with the family.  As Mo said he hasn’t had that much family contact for years and that will make his last years in the area much happier I’m sure.  On the way here before dinner yesterday I drove him by the seniors home here in town and he mentioned numerous times how It would be so much easier for him to be here in town instead of his current location 20 miles away.  I have to agree, and that was why we initially wanted him here, to be closer to us.

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