Long day

Well the turkey binge is done, all except the crying….and dishes of course.  Mo has worked tirelessly for a few days now in preparation for the feast and I think it went of pretty well.  Not all the guests arrived unfortunately, her sister(s) never showed although one of them said she wouldn’t be there up front.  The other apparently had a sore knee or something so left it to her husband and son to pass on the news.  Sorry, I think (I hope) I would’ve called and said my regrets personally and not left it to someone else.

I went into Trail and picked up Dad for the Thanksgiving feast and I think he enjoyed it.  It’s nice to be able to spend some time with him, I’m not sure how many good days we have left.

On the way in I saw a woman hitchhiking, waving her arms madly and gesturing in a very frustrated fashion.  The weather was nice, the sun was still shining and I was in a good mood so I stopped to pick her up.  Her car had broken down and she had to get back to Trail.  She was very frustrated that not one person stopped in over an hour she said, I can understand her angst.  Regardless I stopped and for that good deed she was very grateful.

She had lost her husband a couple years ago and was still feeling the pain.  We chatted a bit about each other, ok mostly me, but once she opened the verbal floodgates she was non-stoppable. I was glad I could be there for her.  As I dropped her off I only asked she return the favor by doing something good for someone else.  She assured me she would.  I hope she does.

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