Do I have the Guts to Write a book?

I’ve mentioned to a few people the concept of a book (or blog I guess) documenting the steps I’ve taken to get Dad moved, and the emotions I’ve felt along the way.  That could include the reactions and thoughts of those around me as well I guess, the whole nine yards.  All those who’ve been told have supported me completely, “You should” they say, “That’s a great idea” they come back with.  That almost scares me as much as the task itself.

I must admit the task is daunting and as always it would only be my fear that would hold me back.  As the illustration shows I feel overwhelmed by the “pen”, the act of writing and putting myself out there. I’ve been in similar circumstances before and generally speaking have failed to complete each time.  That is not a good record to maintain, not anything to aspire to and certainly not something I am proud of.  If I don’t get that out there though, my shortcomings in following through, it will always remain just as it has with no hope of change, or little chance of improvement at best.  Only by talking about it and bringing it to the fore do I have a hope of accomplishing any goal I’ve set out to achieve.

If I can maintain this blog however and perhaps broaden it’s scope to include some (or all) of the saga of Dads care then I am moving toward my goal or desire to write.  Perhaps a separate page, maybe a new blog altogether, either of those may help me in completing my task.  On the other hand I’ve been known to overcomplicate things as well, so the KISS principle may apply here.  Regardless, keep writing is the key.

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