Mentally exhausted, Dealing with Dad

For whatever reason last night I was mentally exhausted.  I think it began when I picked Dad up after work and all along the drive to Trail I was thinking “I’m late, I’m late”.  I did get away from work a bit later than expected, and there was the odd traffic tie-up in town, slowing for lights or construction on the main road through town, but the stress of thinking I would miss his 3:45 appointment was draining.

It was only after, later in the afternoon, that I realized the clock in Mo’s car was about 5 min. fast, and that was a relief because that was the 5 minutes I needed.  Add that to the time saved by calling Dad as I got into Trail, I was about 7 minutes away from him, and asked him to get ready and meet me downstairs at the Village.  Bada bing, Bada boom, I was back on schedule and got him in the door at our destination at exactly the appointment time.  Whew, big relief.

The appointment with the Optometrist took a little longer than anticipated as well, and I sat with him through most of it, the physical eye examinations and other tests.  By the time that was all completed it was about 5 pm and I had to return him to the Lodge.  It’s not really a Lodge, just seems to be an appropriate name for it.  Really it’s a Village, Rosewood Village, but Lodge seems to fit.

At any rate the Lodge/Village had called me while we at the Optometrists to see if I knew where he was.  They thought he may have been MIA and needed to know if he would be back by 5 pm for dinner and meds.  We made it with about 30 minutes to spare, both Dad and I were pooped.

So to end the saga I returned home, had a beer (2) and then made dinner.  Afterwards the exhaustion set in and I fell asleep on the couch, drained but otherwise ok.  I need a holiday.

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