Maybe I Should Write a Book about Dad’s care

So in the ongoing saga of moving my aging father I’ve often thought of writing a book, detailing the steps involved and hoping to help someone else through the process.  That may or may not occur, but in the process of writing this post and looking for photos I came across a site diarizing the tribulations and joy of a man who shared his fathers last days, his memory loss and the sharing of love they felt for each other.

Very touching, bringing tears to my eyes, and how I can relate.


  1. Tri

    I think you should write that book, Most men don’t have that love for their father as they do for their mothers. If your passion is towards helping someone from this trial or tribulation then it should be shared. If the book is going to be the way then you should follow your dream and express how what you went through and how you got through it. Kudos to you for following your dream in writing a book and for caring enough to help someone else.

    1. skidaddy

      Hey, thanks for your support. I’ve always wanted to write but have never had the courage or fortitude to try. Maintaining this blog, on the schedule I do, has presented some challenges but it has also provided me an outlet for my creativity and a place to grow emotionally. Thanks again.

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