Say goodbye to camping

Boy, yesterday was not a good day.  Again I didn’t feel too bad during the day nor when I went home from work, but after that I went into a slide.  Later in the evening after supper I got very sad for some reason and even had a few moments where I felt overwhelmed and began to sob, quietly mind you but sob nonetheless.  Maybe feeling stressed about Dad did it, can’t say for sure.

I know I am a bit saddened thinking we will not go camping one last time this weekend.  Mo is feeling stressed too with work that needs doing around the house, including making pies from fruit we bought a couple weeks ago and I guess if we really meant to go we should have been set up to go by now.  Leaving it until Saturday morning won’t give us much time to camp unless we/I commuted from there to work for a few days.

I’ve been invited out after work tonight too which complicates the camping thing quite a bit.  Beers with work mates will be nice and I’m looking forward to it but that again doesn’t help the camping goal.  I just need to align myself with the idea that camping is not in the cards.

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