We meet again, Greg and I

So I bumped into Greg today, he reminded me again that he and Deb would like to get out for dinner or appys and drinks at some point soon.  I didn’t put him off. In the past I may have been more non-committal but this time I guess I felt more magnanimous or something so I said sure, I just have to check with Mo.  That seemed to suffice at least for now.  We agreed to touch base soon and confirm.  I’d like to meet with friends, it’s something that is good for me and that I need to develop.

My question to the Gods would be how much do I tell him about what’s been going on in my life?  That would include what’s going on with depression and being identified as potentially gifted (still can’t bring myself to say “I’m gifted”, what’s that about?)  I would consider him a friend, albeit not close at this point.  Like he said to me, “we used to be joined at the hip”, and although I don’t really buy that I do think we did have a certain closeness where personal things could be discussed.

That has since diminished, particularly since he was involved peripherally in my move out of my old department.  Mostly he was just involved in the discussions that supported my move out but the kicker for me was this all took place behind my back, without any knowledge of the imminence of the change.  Needless to say I felt somewhat blindsided by him, not as supported as I would have hoped.  Of course his loyalty had to be with the company in most respects, I just thought I was owed a bit more.  C’est la vie.

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