Oh Sleep, Where are thou?

A better day today with a (mostly) good nights sleep.  For some reason I’m not sleeping as well as I have been, and I’m not sure of why.  I have been waking up earlier than the alarm, and that’s early as the alarm is set for 5 am.  I had chaulked it up to a mismanagement of my schedule regarding meds but even at that I’d expect to be sleeping more consistently.

My sleep patterns were one of the things that were addressed when I was put onto Mirtazapine, I went from waking mulitple times during the night to sleeping right through and awakening relatively refreshed, perhaps a little sluggish at first but otherwise recharged and ready.  The only other thing I can think of at the moment is either: a) wine at/after dinner doesn’t work, or b) changing my meds from 1 – 30 mg tablet to 2 – 15 mg tablets has had some other effect.  That was only done because there seems to be a shortage of 30 mg tabs.  Shouldn’t but who knows.  Could even be c) Other.


  1. skidaddy

    Actually not upping the meds, the pharmacy ran out of 30 mg tabs so they gave me 15’s and said take 2. Should be no difference in the real dosage.
    Sleeping is something I’ve always been able to do, in fact I’ve been known to sleep in the dentist chair. Last while though I keep waking up, sometimes multiple times. As a result I would wake up angry, and not rested of course. The anger was the biggest concern.

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