Missing bags, Missing meds

Good morning, and it is morning, now being 6:55 am pst.  I normally write in my journal at this time, just after I arrive at work and have my morning routine completed.  I generally have 5-10 min where I can write, literally write with pen and paper, and comment on my morning or how the day ended yesterday.

Unfortunately after I arrived home yesterday afternoon my baggage neglected to follow.  My trip from Toronto was uneventful but somehow my luggage took a different route home and my journal happened to be in that bag.  My meds also were, and also unfortunate.  My wife being the resourceful person she is, called the pharmacy and they gave me a few days supply in anticipation of my suitcase arriving soon.  We shall see.

I’m told it is not a good idea to be inconsistent with the taking of anti-depressants (Mirtazapine), not sure why, and I know lately I have not been taking them at the prescribed time before bed.  I just seem to be forgetting that key component of my journey to get better.  It’s not a self defeating thing, of that I’m sure.  I often wonder if it’s just my body letting me know they are not required.  Realistically/intuitively I know that’s a dumb idea.  I am striving to improve.

So as I would note in my journal, it is good to be home and back to a routine.  I slept well last night and typically do most nights now. When I talked about my routine there are those I think I should change.  I frequently find myself planted in front of the tv after dinner, it seems like a good way to de-stress.  Often after work my mind is racing and trying to focus on something like reading a book has its challenges.  That is what I would like to do however and I try to make that part of my routine.  Other things don’t get done then so it’s a matter of finding that balance between doing household jobs like cutting the lawn, or honey-do jobs like repairing things that require fixing like a leaky tap etc..  I don’t have any of those, like leaky taps, but you get the idea.  It’s all about the balance in the end isn’t it.

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