Travel home

The waiting area for flight 297 to Vancouver is small, much like many of the intermediate airline’s holding areas, people lounging and waiting expectantly for the next phase of their journey. I’m taking this time to post a short one, or I expect it to be short. One never knows, does one. There have been times when I thought a couple quick thoughts will be put to digital paper and somehow the ideas expand, taking on a life of their own and my thoughts morphing into God knows what.

Today in fact I began a thread on what I saw in the Winnipeg airport and realized this particular blog had little to do with how I was feeling, I shouldn’t be posting it in my Journal (thats supposed to be about my thoughts and how I’m feeling) but recording it elsewhere. And so, here we are, I’ve moved it to Rambling.

The limited space here in the waiting area is rapidly filling as more and more passengers are arriving to await flight 297, many are gazing intently at their electronic devices whether it be gaming or reading some online book or news service. I wonder if any are blogging as I am?

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