Smells, the Toronto life

My visit to Toronto is underway, the trip to Megs wedding and festivities to come. I’ve taken the trolley downtown in advance of the required time. I will feel more comfortable knowing where I am going prior to actually having to do it.

I’m a bit surprised as I ride the trolley, seeing many kinds of people on and off the tram, we rumble along with the windows open and I am frequently introduced to the smells, some not as pleasant as I would have hoped. My visit to Thailand pops back to mind where steaming goods were offered on the street and their smells were invariably mingling with those of garbage or other decaying matter.

Bikes are everywhere and when not being ridden are chained to ubiquitous stands designed for the express purpose of restraining your ride.  I talked to a local who told me fines are prevalent if you don’t follow the rules, some of which include the requirement to have a bell and light.  Interesting.  Megs new brother in law also told us how they are utilizing the bicycle pods in Toronto as well, where if you are a member of the “club” you can retreive a bike from one of the many bicycle storage pods in the city, ride it and drop it off at any other pod.  Neat idea.  I’ve heard of it being tried, or going to be tried, in Vancouver and thought it an interesting concept there as well.

Busy city too, this Toronto, the hustle and bustle of daily activity.  Not unlike other cities I’m sure, not a lifestyle I would choose personally.  The constant activity of it causes me some stress.

I spent some time at CN tower, although the view was great I rapidly got tired of the waiting. Many people were milling about and the mass of bodies waiting with me gave little consolation. Certainly my feet and back would have appreciated somewhere to rest their weariness, but that was yet to come on my next stop. Were that to be at the 3D movie or the Roundhouse, a microbrewery/pub.

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