Long day, Travel and Hotels

It’s the end of what seems like a long day when in fact it’s likely no longer than normal. I’ve travelled from home to Toronto, via Calgary, and arrived unscathed. Frustrated perhaps but otherwise unharmed.

The bulk of my frustration, and it wasn’t a lot mind you, came when waiting for the hotel shuttle at Pearson airport. I called and they came, however there is apparently no shuttle from the airport to that particular hotel, the one my reservation is at, and the number I called to request a ride neglected to mention that. My bad I guess, I did not confirm which Sheraton I was talking to.

At any rate I stood on the curb, the cement waiting area populated with other tired commuters, watching a multitude of shuttles coming and going, waiting for my savior, my white knight coming to take me home. It came, not for me though, rather it came for me but not to take me to MY hotel. a cab was the only reasonable solution at that hour.

Needless to say I made it to my hotel, just shy of $50 poorer, and dropped my luggage in the room before heading back to the lounge for a nightcap and to read. I enjoy that, both the lounge and the reading, and find it a comforting way to end the day.

So that’s where I end it, blogging myself into sleep, listening to the cacophony of traffic whizzing by my room window. Almost like being there as the saying goes. Interesting that my room window is basically at freeway level, and I’m on the 4th floor. I’ve asked for an upgrade and am led to believe that may be possible tomorrow. I wait with bated breath.

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