Writing, Does it run in the family?

Well the weekend flew by and although I did get some things done I neither blogged nor wrote in my journal.  It’s interesting that when listening to the radio yesterday they were interviewing a female singer who commented about writing and journalling.  She was speaking mostly in regards to writing music or poetry but she did say any type of writing was important to keep the mental juices flowing.  I do enjoy the writing and blogging but would like to know that I’m doing something other than just putting words on paper (or blog), that I or someone else is benefitting from it.

I do know that the act of journalling is helpful, and other things I’m doing like reading or even playing Spider Solitaire are keeping my mental acuity sharp as a knife.  Ya right.  They do actually help keep my mind stimulated and I do believe I am seeing improvement in memory and motivation, something that was/is sadly lacking.  Improvement can always be made though, and procrastinating less is also showing promise.

Mom has finished her 2nd book and is waiting for the illustrations to be completed.  I don’t recall if I’ve commented much on them but she’s told her publisher she will do 5 books in total.  Her first, on poetry, the second a childrens book, the third an autobiography, four and five I’m not sure.  Writing must run in the family.

I’m off to see Gloria tonight, my visits are now about a month apart.  I do miss the chats and where I often have to remind her about things that are happening in my life, and my family and people in it, she is very helpful and most often I come away with AHA moments.  I will likely talk to her about Mo and Ay again in hopes she has another nugget on ways I can handle any “miscommunications” they have.

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