To adapt, or not to adapt, That is the question.

I’m looking forward to the weekend, and it’s only hours away now.  We are camping about 20 min. away and I’ve been commuting to/from work.  It’s not as bad as I thought, the drive is quite relaxing and doesn’t take long.  I should be using the time to think deep thoughts but not much of that has come to me lately.  I must be slightly “out of sync” with the cosmic forces.

We will stay until Sunday or Monday being that Monday is a stat, and if the weather holds.  Family has been invited out on Saturday for a bar-b-que, hopefully a low key event.  I”m not much for get-togethers, my non-social side wins out in that regard.  I say non-social because I’m not against the socializing, it’s just something that I don’t often want to get involved with.  Little of the conversations stimulate or interest me and if I try to put on much of a happy face I find it very draining.  Gloria said it may be because in circumstances like that I am adapting to the situation, and it’s the effort to adapt that tires me out.  As a result I’ll often have some alcohol to chill me out, perhaps not the most appropriate response but effective.

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