Congratulations to us – x 2

Well today is my 33 year wedding anniversary, hard to believe where the time has gone.  And in fact I just learned, rather confirmed, my daughter is pregnant, 13 weeks 1 day to be exact.  I’m stoked.  It’s like a double whammy, but in a good way.  Too cool.

The downside, if there could be such a thing, is that my daughter is quite stressed about the whole deal, her pregnance of course not our anniversary.  And because of that she is very sensitive about any communications that take place originating from her mother.  Many of these communications come via Facebook, which drives her nuts.  Can’t say as I can argue against that, being the Facebook sensitive person I am.  Like I’ve said before, Facebook is, or should be, a tool that is used as a tool but far too much open-ness occurs on there for my taste.  Why some people insist on posting sh** about their vasectomies or other private stuff I just don’t know.  Anyway I’ll try to keep that as my rant and leave it at that.  The point is Ay (daugher) doesn’t like it when Mo (my wife) discusses or infers personal stuff on there.  Can’t say i disagree.

Any thoughts??

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