Don’t feel good

So here’s the problem, I made quick notes (hence the title) and now a couple days later I can’t remember what I meant. Obviously I didn’t feel good at the time and I think it was relating to to familial strife, mother and daughter. I really feel the stress when they are fighting and always feel as if I’m in the middle. It is somewhat resolved, but maybe resolved is too strong a word, maybe abated is better. I wish it would go away, I don’t deal with stress well, particularly when it comes to this.  I’ve lost a son and have lost a relationship with one daughter, I don’t want to lose any more children.

Another thing I’ve learned through some reading lately is about 2E or Xi. 2E stands for twice exceptional and Xi for Xtra intelligence. Both relate to giftedness and I believe are meant to be alternate descriptions.  There are quite a few web documents on the subject, I first learned about them by reading various articles on a website called SENG: Supporting the Emotional Needs of the Gifted .  There’s also a link in my sidebar.  Lots of interesting stuff.

I’m also posting on another gifted site called “Gifted For Life”, there is a link to this as well in the sidebar.  It feels good to conversing with people of similar experiences, and I’m learning to which is good, and hopefully building some confidence in this area.

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