Dad’s Saga – Hopeful move

Still continuing to work on getting Dad here, it seems to consume all my time and most of my focus.  In reality it doesn’t consume ALL my time however it feels like it.  I struggle to blog about how I feel, or how I’m doing as it feels like all I am revolves around helping Dad.  I know he needs me, now more than ever.  My sister offers frequently to help me but I tell myself it would be too hard to bring her up to speed, and it would be easier for me to do.  I’m second guessing that and perhaps I’ll allow her to help by giving her the project of setting up his HandyDart pass.  It may be a challenge for her, it may be quite straightforward.  At any rate it will off load me and allow her to feel she can contribute.

I’m continuing to read a book on Procrastination and aspects of it mirror excerpts from the book on Emotional Alchemy.  Awareness of one’s emotions, or in this case your/my situations involving procrastination, are key.  Seek first to understand I believe is a quote from Stephen Covey and where he uses it as part of a improvement for communication I think it applies here too with understanding why we do things like procrastinate.  If we understand something (that is a problem for us) we are miles ahead in understanding what is needed to resolve it.  Oh I hope I continue to learn and retain.  I think my memory is improving, I want to continue to grow and learn.

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