Dad’s Care

Spent more time today trying to iron out Dad’s situation.  The case manager requires his net income, a number to be extracted from his taxes and one she has to see for herself on his Notice of Assessment.  Of course he doesn’t know what I’m talking about and when I try to walk him through finding it he becomes confused and flustered.  I am trying to be patient and am largely succeeding but it does present some challenges.

Another avenue I can go down is to get that info from Revenue Canada, but the number I have for them rings busy every time I call so at this point that’s fruitless.  Even if I was to get through I suspect they would be less than helpful, due to the fact they don’t know who I am and how do I prove I should be able to have access to his personal info.  Goes without saying if I was there it would be so much smoother, but hey I’m not so not much point sweating it.

How does this relate to the purpose of these posts?  Likely doesn’t, and I can’t say for sure I’d handle or react to the situation any differently if I was quote….normal….unquote.  And I mean that in no way disparagingly.  Perhaps being bright helps, at least I think I might have a better than even chance of figuring out who to call, and next steps.  Is there any overconfidence there?  I hope not, just trying to accept my reality.

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