Well I just finished cutting the lawn and cleaning up the edges among other things, I’m “all in” as they say.  Not sure who “they” is but “they” know their way around sayings.

My sister Br texted me telling me she’s talked to Dad tonight and he had no home care workers come today.  Not sure what that’s about.  She also said he was getting more pills from the pharmacy and she was curious why he had to get them, usually they deliver.  When I talked to Dads case manager yesterday she indicated he had to take his pills back to the pharmacy and get different ones.  Sounds like he (Dad) is not quite clear about what’s happening or Br misunderstood.  Possible  a combination of the two.

I really am avoiding this whole thing I think, I should likely be more involved in his care, albeit from a distance but this is likely when he needs me the most. It pains me to think about what is likely to happen to him.  The sooner we can get his assessment finished and bring him out here to live near us the better.

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