Books, Motivation and what Blogging means to me.

Funny how books can motivate you.  Over the last number of days or even weeks I’ve had little desire to read anything other than fiction.  I’ve got Management books up the wazzoo, Self Help books and others, but recently I’ve had no desire to read them.  I think the position I’ve taken of late is that moving up the corporate ladder as it were holds no interest for me any longer.  Not that it ever did, at least not seriously, it was more that I was more interested in doing what seemed like the right thing to do, workwise.  Look where it got me, not anywhere I feel good about anyway.  So I took on a new tack, I read what I want to read which lately has been fiction.

Now, back to the point of this post, after my meeting with Gloria I began thinking of some of the books I’ve got in my library and thought I might want to read them, for me this time, not for some idealized reason of improving my lot corporately.  The other thing is that I’ve noticed that it increases my blog posts, I write more as I read more.  I come across things of interest to me, things that make me go hmmm, and hope that by my posting on them I can bring some glimmer of interest to someone else..

Now that hasn’t happened yet, the interest to someone else part, and maybe it never will.  I just need to be ok with my posting for the sake of posting, to help me understand myself, why I think a certain way or do things in the way I do.  Maybe what I see, or how I see it, that is the reason Gloria thinks I should post, what the depression and being gifted means to me.

‘Nuf’ said?

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