My Father is Sick…should I go?

I just heard from Mo that my dad has congestive heart failure.  I knew he had gone to the hospital the other day with supposed pneumonia and was kept for observation.  We had been trying to get through to them to confirm the diagnosis but until this morning had not been successful.

This news is causing me to examine some feelings I had looked at before but in a somewhat new light.  Should I rush down, perhaps to see him for the last time?  My plan at this point, without further clarifying info, is to wait for concrete information from the hospital as to his condition.  Mo said the hospital told her he is having heart tests right now and we should know something soon, how soon is soon??  Don’t know.

I heard from my sister Br last night when she texted me to find out if I had heard from Dad, she had tried to call but was not successful.  I told her what I knew at that time, which was little.  She will need to be updated once we know more.

Mo and I have discussed our plan should he pass unexpectedly and I still think we will not have a service for him when that time comes.  What’s left of his family is getting on and I don’t know if they would travel anyway.  Sad to say but I don’t think he has a wide circle of friends who would go either.

This happening so soon on the heels of Larrys passing will impact me for sure, how much is yet to be seen.

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