I Feel Happy

Well the weirdest thing happened to me on leaving work today, I walked out into the sun and ran into Ivan.  That wasn’t the strange thing, we began chatting and I actually felt happy.  Go figure.  I do recall feeling up before meds (I’m going to call it bm) but this was almost surreal, and I can’t really articulate what the difference was, I just felt “happy”.  Now I’m sure the sun had an effect, and I’m sure going on holidays in a few days also helps, but that be grand if that was real life?

So kind of a depressing talk last night about buying a truck. We just don’t have the money, and therein is the source of the sadness.  Certainly it is not debilitating but money talk  always brings me down.

Also a bit sad when I stopped in at BP on the way home, Jordon made a comment about my folks.  I didn’t have the heart to tell him about Larry. I really miss the old fart.  As an FYI he was my stepfather, who passed away untimely in March. Still hard to believe he’s gone -tears-.

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