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If I really follow the suggestions of G as we discussed yesterday I will need to be more open, more transparent with my feelings as expressed here.  As I mentioned to her that is/will be difficult for me to do, and not that I can’t do it but it will be an openness that I have never attempted prior, in any forum personal or not.  The immediate thoughts that go through my mind are what if someone reads it and knows who I am, and then on the other hand I want someone to read it……isn’t that the purpose?  If I do put something in here that is so contentious that it may cause me problems down the road I must be aware of that and willing to accept the consequences.  That was G’s point.

What am I afraid of, why am I so resistant to putting my innermost thoughts down here?  I need to come to some conclusion, some understanding of the deeper issue(s).  If I am so articulate, as many have said, then use that skill.  Use that power to provide some insights for others that may read this.

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