What’s in a Name?

Curiosity got me and I wanted to see how easily my blog could be found on the ‘net.  Using skidaddle, skidaddy and some variations showed many blogs using that name, covering a multiple number of topics, many travel, one on a gay gentleman’s sadness and loneliness.  “Journey through Depression” also brought up a number of blogs, some appeared very interesting and I plan to read at least some of them.

Fo the near future I will keep the title/name of this blog but would like to change it to something more unique, perhaps more appropriate to the topic.

Today I’d like to get some reading done, I’ve got a few more chapters to read in Emotional Alchemy and I’ve already renewed it twice.  I’m a faster reader than that and if I can focus I can complete it in a couple days, easy.  My buddy came over and wants help on his brakes so that will cut into some of my time but I’d best get started before that.  I’d also like to post more, alas so many interests so little time.

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