Writing, Never easy

I’m slipping on my maintaining the blog.  While we were off camping I didn’t journal, only blogged a couple times.  I feel “blocked”, and my moods is quite stable where I don’t feel like I have anything to contribute.  This is likely a good thing thought, don’t you think?

I still feel normal, whatever that is, my highs and lows are less extreme and I seem to have more energy.  I have not made it back into the garage to putter, my last couple days since camping have been unpacking, or working and then doing yard stuff.  It also seems as if my memory has improved, and wouldn’t that be nice.  I’m sure part of my poor memory before was just having something interesting to remember but now even if something is not so interesting, say like I put down a shovel, now I recall that I had the shovel and where I put it last.

My relationship building will be something I’d like to work on.  I have friends/acquaintances I’d like to improve my relationship with and recently I haven’t really cared whether I connected with them or not.  I do still have some of those feelings but now I have a little more desire to improve on that.

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