Camping Day 3

Sitting by the fire is nice way to spend the afternoon, a cold beer at hand and a good book at the ready.  I’ve been feeling pretty good and other than the discomfort in my lower back I have little to complain of.

Tonight is to be a dinner of friends and family, a precursor to the rest of the weekend. We will tour some wineries on the Naramata bench tomorrow, and there was the chance that might not happen as well.  Ay was going to get a rental van for us, one that would hold 7 or 8 of us, but we delayed committing so long we lost the rental.  We will now have to take 2 vehicles and then of course need two sober drivers.  M was going to be the dd of the van and will now have to drive one car.  Ay has arranged for her friend Patti to drive the other.

I am a bit nervous about this whole weekend, and whether M and Ay will keep things civil.  Once we have a few wines under our belt our tongues could become loosened and sense of what is appropriate will likely become blurred.  Their relationship is one of the most important things to me, and if it becomes more dysfunctional it increases my stress.

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