Visit to Kelowna

I missed again, a bad habit I need to avoid.  It’s been a busy couple days and where that is not an excuse it provides me with an out.  I have either been preparing to travel to Kelowna, en route to, or realizing the effort of the last number of days.

We have been planning this trip for a while, my combo Fathers day slash birthday, and I’ve been looking forward to it for as long.  I will be 55, an auspicious age, one that will allow me to retire at the slightest whim. Now isn’t that a bold statement.

I’m sitting here on a park bench waiting to pick up Ay, she and I will “do lunch”, an exercise I enjoy.  Then I have to catch a bus back to Walmart where I’ve parked the truck and 5er as they call it. Unfortunately I also have to make this short as my phone battery is running low. Ciao.

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