Camping Day 1

Well I arrived at the campsite about 3 hours ago and promptly struggled somewhat getting into my site.  I passed it as I drove down the park road, expecting it to be next on the right past 102, wrong.  The even numbers were not only on the right, they were also on the left.  Backing up the 5th wheel on the road wasn’t such a big deal but then the challenges came when I had to get it into the site.  I achieved that without too much difficulty but was over to one side too much, and not at the correct angle.  I was able to maintain my cool without too much ado but it there was a point where I wanted to scream.

My disposition’s generally been more even I find, and I think I’ve mentioned that before.  I think my memory is better as well, and that’s another thing I chalk up to the meds.  While I was readying the 5th wheel for the trip there were multiple times I had to remember something as part of the process and I recalled it without much effort.  Prior to this I would find myself being more scattered and struggling somewhat to keep the flow going.  Now it just seems to happen.

I do find however that my patience with M is still short on occasion and I don’t know if it’s my reacting improperly or if she just has a way of bringing the argumentativeness out in me. Perhaps some of each.

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