In a Funk

I realize ups and downs are normal, I was feeling much more “up” before I think.  I want to drink, not a lot, but drink nonetheless.  Is it bad for me?  Well of course it’s bad, but is it really bad?  Is it an outlet to disengage from what’s going on around me.  I so feel like I want to be away, in some other time/space, not so much another life because for the most part my life is great.  I have a very loving and caring wife, a daughter that loves me and looks up to me (or at least I think she does), most things a man could want.

I don’t know about work, there are those in attendance at that location that like and respect me, of that I’m pretty sure.  There are also those that wouldn’t notice if I never came back.  I suspect that work location isn’t much different than many others.  I really don’t want to be there.  I don’t find the work meaningful, nor do I have a great rapport with many there.  Some I quite like and would love to work with more.  Alas, again I’m in a funk.  Booze or coffee, booze or coffee, which poison do I pick?  I almost feel like I want to cry, what a baby.

Maybe I’ll try a walk, now there’s thinking out of the box…….

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