The Challenges I Face

Well wouldn’t you know it, trying to login on my laptop but it doesn’t like my multiple attempts to login, it appears I can’t remember the basic things such as my password. Duh.

My visit with G went well, she thinks a blog is a good idea and feels it may help someone. She had suggested I write, fiction was where she was headed I think but this venue fits well with my journaling.

I suppose some history would be helpful here, without some background this won’t mean much to anyone.  I’ll work on a way to integrate it.  It’s also possible that I’ll import the existing blog from Blogger, although at this stage of the game I don’t know how much value it will hold.

Depression is the subject, and my journey through it. It’s my hope this will help someone else on their journey.

I was outed, as far as the diagnosis went, back in April I think.  I didn’t feel “right” and it was nothing I could put my finger on.  I’d made a road trip last year and I felt very low during portions of my alone time.  I was thinking the D word, not death, but divorce. It was certainly nothing my wife or family would have seen coming but it was weighing heavily on my mind.  I can’t even really remember the why of it, only that it seemed like a solution at the time. I was sad…..


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